Doctors are often considered as one of the backbones of any country. In the USA, doctors contribute as proud and essential members of the community. General Physicians make a significant part of this community of doctors, and we at aim to help these hard-working General Physician in all possible ways.

Doctors have a hectic work schedule, especially during this pandemic. It has made the world of doctors go haywire, especially of the General Physician, who works round the clock. The demand for these General physicians never ceases. Every nook and corner of the USA has at least one General Physician. Patients do not prefer to spend a lot of time with their General Physician (GP) in the USA due to social distancing. All of this has made the job of the GP more challenging.

Today, patient requires their healthcare queries answered accurately and on time. The GP deals with all categories of patients – children, teens, adults, and the elderly. With so many patients to deal daily, the GP tends to be exhausted by the end of the day.

The GP is always taking down notes while examining patients. They also need to access patients ‘health records and process large amounts of data. These tasks take a lot of the GP’s time away from patients and drown them in administrative work.

But with the aid from, we aim to provide and help these resilient General physicians with a smooth and effective workplace. Employing patient-oriented Virtual Medical Assistants will help ease the workload of the GP, making them focus more on their patients than be down the drain of managing them and handling the administrative work.

These Virtual Medical Assistants provided by are professionals who are trained to help the doctors. They help ease down the office work of the staff by looking into the nitty-gritty of the work so that they can focus on the larger picture of the paperwork. provides a range of Virtual Medical Assistants, including Virtual Medical Receptionists, Virtual Medical Scribes, to name a few.

The Virtual Medical Receptionist dispensed by is always in demand. They are the first person your patient comes in contact with when they call your clinic to make an appointment. These Virtual Medical Receptionists are responsible for booking appointments, answering the patients’ questions, giving directions to your office, and answering questions about patient billing and invoicing. These Virtual Medical Receptionists ensure that the appointments and the clinic’s number are maintained, chiefly during this pandemic. It eases down a lot of pressure for the GP, Whose clinic is mainly crowded with patients.

The Virtual Medical Scribes provided by are becoming very popular with the doctors these days since they help maintain the patients’ records and any other information related to them. provides a virtual medical scribe from our vast pool of trained, vetted, and screened virtual assistants using an iPad and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software.

Apart from these facilities, we at also provide Virtual Medical Billing. These Virtual Medical Billers are professionally trained to use this facility. It increases the productivity of the GP’s administrative work. The main objective of this medical biller is to ensure that your practice receives payment on time for services rendered

At, we help ensure that the General Physician can optimally use their skills and knowledge without any hindrance or tension.

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