Virtual Vet Tech: The Assistant You Never Knew You Needed

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Veterinary medicine is a crucial part of society. People need pets and pets need people. But working in the veterinary profession is a 24/7 affair. There is no certainty in what each day will bring and there is always a new challenge awaiting veterinarians. Unfortunately, these demands while rewarding can take a huge toll on the well-being of veterinarians.

It’s estimated that 120,000 veterinarians are practicing in the US and this demonstrates the importance and demand for their services. But for these professionals to work to the high standards they demand there needs to be a keen focus on their work. The main obstacle standing in their way is the amount of administrative work they face daily. While it would be simple to employ more and more in-house staff and it isn’t a practical answer. Space concerns and budgetary constraints, in particular, make employment solutions a taxing problem.

Thankfully veterinarians are now able to use the power of technology to take advantage of an innovative solution. All you need is a virtual vet tech.

Understanding the Virtual Vet Tech Concept

For you to understand what a virtual vet tech is you must first get to grips with the specifics of virtual assistants. The simplest definition of a virtual assistant is a team member who works remotely. But there’s a little more to it than that. Thanks to advances in technology and communication systems where virtual assistants can connect to any business no matter where either is located. This is made possible thanks to the opportunities gifted by the internet. As long as the virtual team member has an internet connection and a PC they can connect to your computer network. It’s a setup that allows a virtual assistant to fulfill the same duties as an in-house assistant.

Veterinary practices are very busy workplaces. Behind all the consultations and surgical procedures, there is a never-ending amount of paperwork and communication to contend with. Completing everything in a professional and timely manner is a big ask for any veterinarian even if they are supported by an excellent support team. But help is at hand in the form of a virtual vet tech. Veterinarians no longer need to worry about scheduling appointments and dispensing post-op care literature or taking notes during consultations. This can all be taken care of by a virtual vet tech leaving veterinarians to focus on more essential care matters.


What Can a Virtual Vet Tech Do for You?

You may not be aware that you needed a virtual vet tech but rest assured that you do! The difference they can make to your veterinary practice is remarkable. And best of all a virtual vet tech embraces simplicity to enhance your brand and services. As previously mentioned all they need is an internet connection and PC to connect with your business. Once this is in place you can begin to reap the following benefits:


The sheer amount of paperwork and time demands involved in veterinary work represents a mountain for veterinarians. It’s difficult to put a precise number on how many hours a vet works but it’s around 45 – 60 hours per week. Naturally, this puts a major strain on their time. But the presence of a virtual vet tech allows them to delegate less pressing matters such as completing and filing paperwork. Not only does this allow the veterinarian to concentrate their attention on more critical veterinary tasks but it also reduces stress levels and fatigue.

Choose Hours that Suit

When it comes to employing a virtual vet tech you benefit from being able to tailor the hours they work accordingly. There’s no need to put them on a standard 9 –5 shift (which studies show is not overly productive). Instead, you can take advantage of bespoke hours that suit your organization. By outsourcing excess admin loads for example to virtual assistants you benefit from both enhanced productivity and reduced labor costs. So if you need help for just two hours or six hours you can rest assured that this need can be fulfilled with a minimum of cost leakage

Preserve Practice Space

The remote nature of virtual vet techs means that your practice benefits from an increase in available space. An in-house employee after all takes up much more space than just their physical presence. You also have to take into account their desk their parking space and their equipment. This amount of real estate can soon mount up and limits the space available for clients and veterinary equipment. But the physical space taken up by a virtual assistant is zero. This allows for a streamlined environment and one which facilitates easier navigation and productivity.

Enhanced Organization

Small margins in quality can make huge differences when it comes to business. And adding a virtual vet tech to your veterinary practice can boost your organization beyond all recognition. Appointments for example are a vital part of any practice but scheduling these can be a logistical nightmare. And once your appointment system enters a state of disarray your problems will soon escalate. Installing a virtual vet tech allows you to assign complex administration duties to a dedicated individual. The result is the enhanced organization which in turn drives excellent customer service.

Overnight Coverage and Productivity

The world of veterinary medicine is one that never sleeps but your employees need to sleep. And this is why the hours offered by your practice will be limited. But a virtual vet tech can deliver a suitable solution to this problem. Highly flexible virtual assistants are ready and willing to work the hours you dictate. Therefore if you need someone to cover evening shifts to take emergency calls and catch up on admin work then look no further. It’s an approach which grants your practice the chance to offer clients round-the-clock coverage while remaining productive

Cost Savings

One of the most attractive benefits of a virtual vet tech is that they represent massive savings. Because let’s face it budgetary concerns are a major part of any business outlook. Costs saved can be invested back into the business to generate growth. But cutting costs is far from easy. However, by bringing a virtual vet tech onboard you stand to make significant labor savings. A typical in-house team member will cost roughly 1.25 – 1.4 times the value of their annual salary due to taxes and sick pay and health insurance. But with an external worker, this is not a requirement and the savings will soon add up.

Final Thoughts

The veterinary market is a crowded one and being competitive is a priority. By introducing a virtual vet tech to your veterinary practice you are guaranteed a boost to your competitiveness. This increase in performance and ability is built upon the strong benefits that a virtual assistant brings to the table. Cost savings time management and organization are all maximized with a virtual vet tech on board. Few businesses can afford to turn these opportunities down so you must harness the power of virtual assistants.

VA care is aware of the demand for virtual vet techs and we also understand that they need to be the best of the best. Taking control of our experience in the industry we have partnered ourselves with an exclusive pool of Veterinary Virtual Healthcare Assistants. These individuals are willing to start immediately and we want you to see how much of an asset they can be. Get in touch with us today and take control of your practice’s future.


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