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Virtual Medical Receptionist


Foundational Training

A Virtual medical receptionist , whether in a medical, dental or virtual veterinary receptionist, handles the same tasks as a receptionist in any other office.

They perform routine tasks, such as answering incoming calls, taking messages, following up on reports, and any other tasks assigned to them. Our Virtual Receptionists are professionally trained and provide a high level of service on each and every call.


Pick and Choose Who You Want to Work With

Our clients get a dedicated VA to work with over the course of their time to maintain consistency of service.

It’s nice to hear a familiar voice every day and know that you can depend on the person you work. They will become accustomed to your workflow and will integrate seamlessly with your other office staff.


Trust and Safety (HIPAA Training)

We take care of the tasks you would normally when you hire someone, like performing background checks and verifying HIPAA training certification. 

We check our prospective VA’s very rigorously before they become a member of our team. They are tested on technical computer skills and security regulations. We ensure they have no criminal record before they are featured in our database. As a client, you can check the information in their file before they are assigned.


Security & Time Tracking

All of our medical virtual receptionists are tested in technical skills as well as computer applications.

We also handle all of the time tracking and security audits for you. Our virtual receptionists work in an office setting.

virtual medical receptionist
Virtual office Receptionists

The Facts on Virtual Assistant Receptionist Medical

In a medical office, the first person a patient has contact with is your receptionist. They expect to hear a friendly voice when they call to make an appointment or ask for your office hours.
A virtual medical receptionist  is a remote worker who can answer your office calls during office hours or after hours. Medical virtual assistants can handle incoming calls, schedule and confirm appointments, answer patient inquiries, arrange referrals, and a dozen other office-related tasks.

Replace Your Existing Answering Service for Doctors

Ditch Your
Current Medical Office Answering Service

Many practices rely on a doctor’s office answering service to respond to customer questions instead of an actual receptionist at the front desk.
While medical office virtual receptionist ensures that patients can at least report issues, the reality is that many patients tend to hang up when they hear the cold, non-emotional response message from the service.  Our virtual medical receptionists can work during any office hours that you assign.

medical virtual receptionist
answering service for doctors
Reduce the Workload

Lighten the
Burden for Administrators with a Virtual Dental Receptionist

A medical or dental practice is a busy place, and everyone has 
a job to do.
There are patients to take care of, insurance billing, and tons of paperwork that accompanies them all. With so much paperwork to do, it often leaves less quality time for patients, and doctors feeling rushed to balance the load. Consider a virtual receptionist dental office to ease your workload.

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A medical office virtual receptionist provides administrative support  and customer service support for a healthcare office. They are responsible for answering incoming calls, scheduling appointments, responding to emails, managing patient data, and other tasks related to the medical office.

A virtual medical receptionist helps in various administrative tasks of the medical office. This will help in reducing work pressure on staff and will help in ensuring that patients receive the best service possible. Additionally, a virtual medical receptionist can help a medical office in saving time and money by taking on tasks that would otherwise require additional staff.

Virtual receptionists healthcare at VA Care handles same tasks as a receptionist at any other office. They provide a wide range of services including appointment scheduling, patient records management, customer service support and more. Additionally, VA Care’s virtual medical receptionists can be customized to meet the unique needs of each medical office.

Virtual receptionists work on the latest technologies and integrate with other software systems to manage patient information. They work in such an environment that automates tasks such as sending appointment reminders, managing telephone messages, and processing payments.

Having a Virtual Medical Receptionist will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, will make completion of tasks more quicker, increase efficiency and streamline operations..


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