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Virtual Medical Scribes are trained in medical terminology and medical scribing in New York. They perform the same tasks as an in-house scribe,

but remotely at a lower cost.

Through encrypted video conferencing software like Zoom, your Virtual Scribe can go with you in exam rooms and work behind the scenes. Having 2 – 3 staff members in an exam room is often intimidating, so this is a better alternative for your patient’s comfort.


Talk with Your Virtual Medical Scribe 1-on-1

Delegate tasks for your virtual scribe via instant messenger, SMS, Zoom, phone, or any platform that you are used to.

Your VA will work alongside your staff in the same way as an office worker on site, allowing you to build a working relationship that benefits your staff and patients.


Training and Verification

We handle all the hiring and training for you, so you can focus on the important tasks at hand.

Although they are trained by us, we also encourage you to train them on your specific style. Each of our Virtual Assistants are HIPAA certified and undergo a background check, ID verification, and are skills tested before being featured in our system. We hand-vet each and every scribe we hire because trust and safety are important.


Security & Time Tracking

All of our virtual scribes are tested in technical skills as well as computer applications. We also handle all of the time

tracking and security audits for you. Our virtual scribes work in an office setting.

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Our Solutions

Benefits of a Virtual Scribe

When you work with one of our VAs, there is no overhead costs such as hiring, training, background checks, space to be made, or equipment costs. This will save you a lot of money over hiring someone permanently in-house. We price our virtual scribe services competitively to ensure that you get the services you need without a long-term contract.

Save Time

Virtual Scribes
Are Real Time Savers

Our virtual medical scribes reduce the workload for your in-house staff. They can take care of the administrative work, allowing the rest of your staff to do what they do best – provide excellent patient care. Having an extra pair of hands around lightens the load for everyone, and the work gets done in half the time it would normally take.
You’re not paying another salaried employee, so the savings you get can be put back into the business to make improvements or upgrades in the virtual medical scribe services offered.

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Building Strong Relationships With Doctors and Patients

While it helps the doctor do their job better and faster, having a traditional medical scribe in the New York exam room with the doctor can be awkward for patients.
If you’ve ever been in that situation, you’ll understand that it is a very intimate and private setting where patients have to uncover parts of their body or disclose private things to the doctor regarding the reason for their visit.

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Virtual medical scribe is a virtual assistant who works remotely to provide medical documentation support to healthcare providers. A virtual scribe works with a physician or healthcare provider to document notes, enter data into the electronic health record (EHR), and helps to manage other administrative tasks. Medical virtual scribe service helps to improve provider’s efficiency, reduce paperwork, and improve patient care.

Virtual Medical Scribe provides various services, like transcribing patient visits, entering data into the EMR, providing administrative support and more. Remote Virtual Medical Scribe is also responsible for ensuring the accuracy of a patient’s medical history and updating any changes into the records.

The Virtual Medical Scribe documents medical interactions with patients and accurately types the information into the electronic records. The Virtual Medical Scribe is responsible for ensuring that the patient’s medical history is accurately documented and up-to-date.

The cost of a Virtual Medical Scribe varies depending on the services that are needed. Generally, the cost of a Virtual Medical Scribe is less as compared to hiring a full-time medical scribe. Call tel:8338222738 for more enquiry.

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