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Do you need help efficiently managing patient documentation? Our remote medical scribes can save you 2+ hours a day on administrative EHR tasks so you can focus on delivering quality care.

What is a Remote Medical Scribe? A Specialized Documentation Assistant

A remote medical scribe is a specially-trained assistant who documents patient encounters in real time. They listen in to appointments via secure HIPAA-compliant video or audio connection. This allows physicians, nurses, and other providers to dedicate their full attention to interacting with and treating patients rather than stressing about note-taking.

By entering details directly into the health centre’s electronic records as the visit occurs, remote scribes enable complete and accurate documentation ready for clinical decision-making and billing as soon as the appointment ends.

Providers regain at least 2 hours previously spent after clinic hours on EHR busy work. This gives back flexibility around scheduling, staffing, costs, and having a life outside the hospital!

Remote Scribing

Why Consider Remote Scribing?

Key benefits include
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Increased Patient Privacy.

With scribes located offsite, private health conversations remain confidential to those physically present. Patients can feel at ease discussing sensitive topics openly.

Reduced Role “Creep”

Decreased onsite contact means a lower risk of scribes gradually taking on increasingly complex EHR tasks better left to clinicians. Our platform access levels keep documentation functions appropriate.
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Accelerated Onboarding

As full-time documentation experts, our scribes start off with solid medical charting experience, terminology skills, and EHR navigation—requiring less provider training time.
Our Specialized

Our Specialized Remote Scribing Experience

With over a decade of exclusively providing remote medical scribing services to healthcare organizations nationwide, our customized support and rigorous speciality training have made us a top choice for boosting productivity without sacrificing patient care quality or clinician job satisfaction.
  • Real-Time Clinical Documentation
  • Customized Template Charting
  • Same-Day Note Finalization
  • Flexible Remote Staffing Solutions
  • Integrating Within Existing EHR Environments
  • Streamlined Onboarding Process
We pride ourselves on entering relevant medical details directly into client EHR systems throughout actual patient appointments to promote actionable health records ready for coordinated use across care teams. Our specialized training ensures we know what core clinical elements to document for each speciality.
Beyond just capturing clinical facts, we take time early to learn and maintain provider preferences around preferred organizational flow, desired content emphasis and wording, preferred terminology, and frequently used keywords. This level of customization enables truly tailored support optimized around individual physician needs.
Our specialized focus enables wrapping up and finalizing documentation for signing by the end of each clinic day. This prevents lingering documentation tasks from trailing behind actual patient care, keeping EHR records synchronously up-to-date for billing and care coordination.
One benefit of virtual teams is an ability to nimbly scale support up and down through on-demand or hybrid blended access options to dynamically match changing patient volumes or gaps in care centre staff availability. This flexibility keeps costs tightly aligned with real-time usage levels.
Rather than needing to learn proprietary platform tools, our scribes get trained from day one to develop core competencies, enabling seamless integration directly into workflows of various major EHR/EMR systems already in client use. This minimizes disruptions.
Even with expansive preparation requirements on the people front, we can efficiently get new clients up and running quickly thanks to our fine-tuned implementation specialist-guided rapid rollout process focused on collaboratively translating unique provider needs into workable customized virtual documentation systems.
Remote Services

Here’s How Our Remote Scribing Service Works


Evaluate Needs

Our specialized setup team first meets with new clients to systematically analyze current patient loads, existing staffing gaps,

budget goals, ideal productivity targets and various other key performance metrics so that we can thoughtfully recommend the optimal custom remote scribing solution matching the practice’s unique constraints and objectives.


Before officially going live, we collaborate to establish and test out secure EHR system access,

hash out preferred clinical documentation formats, evaluate necessary telehealth equipment needs, select ideal connectivity platforms, define coverage hours, and align on scheduling protocols – all set up to integrate with existing workflows.

Connect & Document

Once up and running, providers simply connect directly with assigned scribes at the right times during patient

visits via user-friendly integrated telehealth apps to capture and record relevant real-time clinical notes.

Review & Finalize

Our specialized scribes work closely with practices to efficiently wrap up new documentation after visits.

Providers conveniently access newly populated charts to seamlessly review, tweak as needed to match encounter details, and sign off notes as final, all within the same day.
Get Better Results

Why Our Scribes Get Better Results

With over 100+ hours of robust training per hire, our remote medical scribes complete the
industry’s most thorough preparation through a 5-stage onboarding process:

Stage 1: Comprehensive Orientation

~2 weeks intensely focused on learning medical terminology, charting protocols, HIPAA competency, EHR navigation, relevant regulations, communication best practices, data privacy, and medical ethics.

Stage 2: Hands-On Supervision

1-on-1 guidance partnered with practising clinicians documenting live patient cases with real-time personalized feedback and focused coaching before earning independence clearance.

Stage 3: Specialty-Specific Training

Focused preparation using mock patient encounters and sample cases to extensively learn specialized workflows, documentation needs, terminology nuances, and chart components unique to assigned clinical speciality area(s).

Stage 4: Final Performance Evaluation

Rigorous multi-faceted competency assessment across efficiency, accuracy, clinical judgement, and professionalism metrics conducted by senior scribing managers before pla.cement approval

Stage 5: Specialized Assignment

Carefully matching each aspiring scribe with relevant multidisciplinary healthcare provider team(s) sharing corresponding speciality area(s) for optimized relevance and cross-training

Ongoing quality assurance audits, regularly refreshed training, and rewarding top performers keeps our scribes sharp. We incentivize standout scribes to motivate continuous skill-building in leveraging technology, communicating with empathy, anticipating needs, and expanding medical knowledge.
Choose to Partner

Why Providers Choose to Partner With Us

  • “Our remote scribes have been wonderful – great improvement to my efficiency so I can better focus on delivering patient care” – Dr. Jessica Mercer, Lakeside Family Medicine
  • “I’m very happy after using the remote scribing services here for about 6 months. I can easily access charts the same day to review and sign off on them.” – Dr. Michael Zhou, Orthopedic Institute
  • “Transitioning from an in-house to remote scribing model has worked fabulously, improving provider satisfaction.” – Anne Teague, Clinic Administrator, Redwood Family Practice
With over a decade of expertise pioneering virtual scribing programs designed specifically for modern telehealth-based care settings, providers trust us to deliver flexibility without compromising personalized support, timely documentation, or productivity gains.

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Ready to improve care without documentation fatigue or delays? We make launching cost-effective specialized remote scribing programs easy based on your clinic’s unique productivity and patient satisfaction objectives.


Our scribing model blends secure telehealth software with extensive scribe training. Scribes access the EHR before appointments while providers connect with their matched scribe using an integrated digital platform. The scribe listens in, documents key details in real time, and finalizes the chart for provider review and signing.
Our extremely intensive hiring process ensures our medical scribes have healthcare or medical education backgrounds to build upon. All scribes undergo our 100+ hour training program covering EHR technical skills, medical terminology/abbreviations, clinical workflows, HIPAA competency, and communication.
Absolutely – we work with you initially to understand and capture specialized preferences around note organization, content included, phrasing used, and keywords emphasized to ensure consistent, familiar documentation. Ongoing reviews also allow for template adjustments as needs evolve.
With scribes located offsite, verbal interactions between patient and provider remain confidential to only those physically in the exam room. Our video/audio connections only allow the remote scribe to listen and document. Any private conversations cannot be heard or recorded by the scribe accessing the EHR.
Functional creep refers to medical scribes gradually taking on more complex clinical or clerical tasks better suited for nurses or doctors. We mitigate this risk by restricting system access, monitoring, and reviews to keep remote documentation supportive rather than disruptive to existing care centre roles.
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