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At VA Scribes, our virtual medical scribes free up your time so you can focus on patient care. We provide specialized support custom-fit to your practice needs via secure HIPAA-compliant software. Read on to learn how our VMS solution can benefit your practice.
Our Virtual Scribing Services

Why Choose Our Virtual Scribing Services?

Save Time

Save Time and Reduce Burnout

Our dedicated medical scribes handle all documentation and administrative work associated with patient visits, including charting, coding, billing follow-ups, prescription coordination, specialist referrals, and scheduling tasks. This comprehensive support alleviates doctors’ clerical burdens that steal time away from providing quality care. Most practices save over 2 hours every day.
Direct Revenue Gains

Increase Revenue

With scribes liberating providers from chart completion, documentation catch-up, messaging, and other desk work, physicians can take on more patient appointments daily and remain on time with schedules. Practices typically raise patient volume by maximizing face-to-face time with patients instead of tackling paperwork from 16-20%. Some specialists have expanded slots by 30% or more—this increased capacity results in direct revenue gains.
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Patient Experience

Enhanced Patient Experience

When doctors invest full attention in patients without multi-tasking visit notes or getting distracted managing EHR systems, patients feel more cared for. Our behind-the-scenes scribes allow deeper engagement as physicians listen intently, make comfortable eye contact, and focus completely on patient cases without disruptions. Patients perceive this privacy and connection very positively, leading to trust, compliance with treatment programs, and better overall health outcomes. Expertise

Specialized Expertise

While some scribing services follow a one-size-fits-all model, our scribes receive rigorous specialty-specific training tailored to the unique workflows and needs of over 40 medical and surgical specialties. Instead of just learning generalised documentation skills, our customized preparation ensures knowledge to capture precise terminology, department protocols, procedure orders, assessment nuances, follow-up care standards, and documentation templates required by each specialty.
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Virtual Scribing Model Works

How Our Virtual Scribing Model Works

  • 1. Seamless Connection
  • 2. Comprehensive Documentation
  • 3. Direct EHR Input
  • 4. Administrative Follow Through
  • 5. Customized Performance Metrics
  • 6. Continuous Improvement
Our HIPAA-compliant cross-platform software lets providers launch a secure virtual connection from any device or location quickly and easily. Scribes access the encrypted audio/video call without the burden of downloads, logins, or navigation challenges. Our discreet background observation allows personalised support without intrusion into sensitive patient conversations.
Trained scribes adeptly document every visit component in real-time, from initial complaint through diagnostics, physician assessment, treatments prescribed, specialist referrals, procedure orders, medication changes, discharge instructions, and all follow-up coordination needed post-visit. No detail escapes capture by our attentive scribes.
Visit notes are seamlessly populated directly into your electronic medical record system rather than using a third-party tool. Scribes access your EHR like any internal resource, allowing them to adeptly enter contemporaneous notes in proper fields. This ensures documentation is ready for final review or modifications and quick closure after the appointment.
Our support goes well beyond core visit documentation. Scribes also coordinate prescription refills per patient requests, schedule specialist referrals, facilitate prior authorizations, route messages to appropriate staff, order labs, book needed appointments, file paperwork, submit claims, update address changes, and manage all other administrative loose ends long after the visit completion.
We provide advanced analytics quantifying key performance indicators tailored around your goals whether increasing patient volume, reducing chart delinquencies, capturing more comprehensive clinical indicators for reporting, or monitoring referral follow through rates. Our insights identify successes and opportunities so protocols maximize outcomes.
Through regular touchpoints with our Client Success team and feedback surveys, we solicit input on what’s working optimally and any areas for improvement. We then collaborate on enhancements like modifying documentation templates, adjusting workflows, adding medical terminology, expanding duties, or training staff to better align support to evolving practice needs over time. Step's

Our 6-Step Virtual Training Process:


Fundamental Knowledge

Scribes first build a foundational understanding of medical terminology, documentation protocols, practice workflows,

HIPAA and other healthcare regulations, EHR navigation, and core scribing skills. This includes anatomy, physiology, diseases, medications, abbreviations, lab values, instruments, healthcare departments, medical coding, compliance rules, and note-taking methods.

Specialty Specific Training

We tailor over 100 hours of training to each speciality's unique needs, terminology, documentation standards, protocols,

procedures, assessment methods, order sets, care guidelines, and workflows. This happens through speciality-focused academic coursework, mock patient scenarios, and shadowing hours with experienced scribes.

Chart Review Simulation

Trainees further hone clinical documentation skills by creating sample patient visit notes across 20+ specialities,

showcasing the ability to apply knowledge. Quality Assurance auditors rigorously review samples focused on common chief complaints, and detailed feedback is shared.

Direct Supervision

The final stage is supervised documentation of live patient visits with continued QA oversight for 30-60 days until comfort and accuracy are verified.

Only once fully validated are scribes approved to support providers independently. Periodic evaluations continue to ensure sustainment.

Ongoing Education

We mandate 16 hours per month of continuing specialty education for scribes to maintain sharp documentation skills and medical knowledge competency.

This ongoing training covers the latest documentation protocols, new procedures, evolving regulations, added medications, best practice adherence, and technology proficiencies.

Team Collaboration

We facilitate intermittent touchpoints for scribes supporting similar specialities and locations to share experiences, lessons learned,

and best practices for optimal documentation methods and elevated provider support. This fosters skill development through peer knowledge sharing.
Our Virtual Scribing Services

Stringent Security Safeguards

Protecting sensitive patient data is our foremost priority. We have stringent privacy protection protocols enforced at every step.
virtual medical receptionist Vetting

Candidate Vetting

All scribes undergo extensive pre-employment screening, including criminal background checks, education/credential verification, employment history validation, professional reference checks, and healthcare exclusion screenings before onboarding. Candidates must satisfy all facets before moving forward. Platform

HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Our remote access telehealth solution maintains end-to-end AES-256 encryption exceeding HIPAA security rules for safeguarding protected health information in transit and at rest. The platform undergoes recurring, independent audits to ensure continued privacy compliance as technology and health data regulations evolve.
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Activity Oversight

Access and Activity Oversight

We implement role-based access controls, tracking all system and patient record access. Logs capture who accessed what data, what actions were performed, status changes, and audit trail history with built-in alerts for abnormal activity. Data access and modifications are regularly audited by our Compliance team to identify and investigate any deviation from policy rapidly.
Security Training

Staff Security Training

All scribes complete focused education on healthcare data security, privacy, ethics, handling sensitive information appropriately, and reporting risks. Staff are trained to recognise social engineering tactics, suspicious emails, safe internet usage, strong password policies and how to avoid security incidents.
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Continuity Resilience

Business Continuity Resilience

We maintain mature business continuity, disaster recovery and backup protocols for resilience even during natural disasters, technology failures, or cyber incidents. Redundant infrastructure, routine testing, and cyber protection minimize the chances of disruption. Comprehensive plans would limit the impact if incidents were to occur.
Cost-Effective Scribe Plans

Flexible and Cost-Effective Scribe Plans

We make it easy to add virtual scribing support with options scaled to your needs and budget.

Scalable Plans

Choose hourly or package pricing tailored to your patient volume needs with the ability to scale as demand changes.

Month to Month

No long term contracts so you aren’t locked in. Scale back or cancel at any time as your requirements evolve.

All-Inclusive Pricing

One flat, affordable rate covers recruiting, onboarding, training, and managing scribes for ongoing consistency—no overhead costs.
Practices Using Our Services

Read Reviews from Practices Using Our Services

I doubted it would work well, but I was very impressed… an easy transition and onboarding. – Dr. Chen, Family Medicine

Love having notes done on time. Feel less stressed and work better with patients. – Dr. Singh, Oncologist

Virtual scribe saves me 2+ hours a day easily. That was the best decision I made last year! – Dr. Kim, Obstetrics

We’ve increased patient load by 30% thanks to scribes handling documentation! – Dr. Riley, Orthopedics

I can focus completely on my patients now… a game-changer for my practice. – Dr. Patel, Dermatology

Transform Your Practice with VA Scribes!

Now that you know the many benefits of virtual medical scribe services for boosting productivity, revenue, doctor well-being and patient care, the next step is to chat about customizing a solution perfect for your practice’s needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!


Our scribes are trained to support over 40 specialities, including primary care, paediatrics, oncology, surgery, orthopaedics, cardiology, neurology, urology, OBGYN, gastroenterology, dermatology, psychiatry, and many more.
Our simple onboarding takes about 2 weeks. We provision secure access, create documentation templates within your EHR, customize training, and assign specialized scribes matched to your needs.
Yes, your assigned scribes will have individual login credentials for your EHR platform to seamlessly document visit notes as if sitting in the exam room. Activity is tracked and audited.
Because we centrally recruit, hire and train scribes, we can expand your support team on-demand – often within days – as patient demand grows. There are no limits to how large we can scale with your practice.
We have stringent administrative, physical and technical safeguards instilled across our processes, staff, systems, policies and cybersecurity stacks, exceeding HIPAA regulations to ensure the protection of patient health information—details are provided upon request.
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