Medical Scribe Companies: 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire Virtually

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Medical data is an integral part of every medical professional’s day. Without well-documented medical data, you run the risk of letting down your patients and your practice. But the problem is that doctors already face an almost insurmountable workload. What they need is a solution. And that solution is a virtual medical scribe.

The traditional method for recording data has been to employ the services of medical scribe companies. But this non-virtual approach is beginning to look outdated. The world of technology is moving at a rapid pace and has brought exciting developments to the world of business. These advances allow you to become more competitive and provide greater value for your customers.

However, the worst decision you can make in business is a rushed one. And, for a medical practice, you need to ensure that each decision is made with careful precision. Not only can such forethought protect your business, but it also safeguards your patients. Therefore you need to understand why virtual scribes are superior to traditional medical scribe companies.

What is a Virtual Medical Scribe?

A virtual medical scribe is one of the many types of virtual assistants taking the US by storm. The main difference between a virtual scribe and those provided by traditional medical scribe companies is the physical presence. With a virtual scribe, there’s no need to be located within a practice. They can be based anywhere in the world. And it’s this versatility that is dedicated to providing.

But a virtual scribe is much more than just a distant entity. They can become an essential part of your medical practice. Let’s take a look at what a virtual medical scribe can do for you:

Document Medical Data: The backbone of your patient care should be provided by excellent medical data. But it’s difficult for a doctor to do this on their own. After all, doctors see an average of 20 patients a day. And recording all this data is time-consuming. Bear in mind that carrying out a face-to-face consultation at the same time makes matter seven more difficult. But with a medical scribe on hand, you can delegate this workload.

Organize Patient Charts: Charting has always been a laborious task and one that many doctors leave to the end of the day. But closing charts is a crucial task and should be completed as soon as possible. A medical scribe presents the most viable option for effectively completing this. And studies have shown that using a medical scribe can help you increase your chart efficiency by a significant margin.

Handle Administrative Tasks: All virtual medical scribes pride themselves on their administrative skills. It’s these talents that allow them to document medical data and organize patient charts so effectively. But this is far from the limit of their potential. Virtually any administrative task in a medical practice can be delegated to them. And, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, you can rest assured that it’s in safe hands.

Why Should You Hire Virtually?

A medical scribe is an exciting prospect for any medical practice. Reducing the workload heaped upon a doctor’s shoulder is always beneficial. It allows them to dedicate more time to the most important aspects of their practice: the patients.

Virtual medical scribe companies such as are making this opportunity a reality. But why are medical practices breaking away from traditional supply methods? The answer is simple: virtual scribes are packed full of benefits. And here are 7 reasons why you should hire virtually:


A virtual scribe represents a more cost-effective option compared to an in-house scribe. The most immediate cost benefit is that there’s no need to invest in new equipment. Virtual scribes use their equipment to connect to your practice. Another cost-saving is that you only have to pay for the hours worked. This delivers a major cost-saving compared to paying a team member for a set number of hours each week. And, finally, virtual assistants do not come with additional costs such as a holiday or sick pay.

Less Intrusive

Medical appointments can be invasive and embarrassing for patients, so their anxiety levels must be kept to a minimum. But this is difficult to achieve when a doctor has a medical scribe next to them. Hiring a virtual scribe allows you to eliminate this extra presence. The scribe will, of course, be on hand, but their presence will be limited to a discreet device. And this creates a less intimidating atmosphere for your patients.

Perfect for Remote Areas

Medical practices in remote areas of the country struggle to find the right staff. And this is down to a lack of local availability. But the beauty of hiring a virtual scribe is that they don’t need to be local. They can be located anywhere on the planet. As long as they have an internet connection they can connect to your practice. And this means that even the most remote medical practice can benefit from a world-class scribe.

Easy to Implement

The arrival of a new team member can cause several issues for any organization. One of the main factors affecting a new starter is their start-up time. A whole range of inductions needs to be carried out as well as finding space for the new employee to work. And this all costs time and money. But a virtual medical scribe can get to work almost instantly. Once they have connected to your IT systems they will need minimal training to get started. And there’s no need to find them a desk.


There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. And this is why Americans spend so much time working. The result of working so many hours is burnout. And you need to take care of your employees. But how can you also make sure that your practice is productive? Simple: you hire a virtual scribe. Thanks to the vast number of virtual scribes available you can benefit from 24/7 availability. The result is a medical practice that can remain productive and competitive at all times.

Reduced Risk in Scalability

It’s difficult to tell how successful your practice will be in the future. And this makes taking on new employees a risky venture. But hesitating in employing a medical scribe could have a major impact on your productivity. It’s an age-old business concern, but the simplicity of hiring virtual scribes makes this decision much easier. The lower costs associated with hiring virtually allow you to embrace scalability while protecting your budget. Your practice can grow and you have more funds available to invest in other areas.

Increased Efficiency

The cumulative result of all these benefits is increased efficiency for your medical practice. The skills provided by virtual scribes alone are enough to enhance your efficiency, but their effect goes much deeper. Your existing staff is liberated of all those tasks which are usually left to the last minute. And this empowers them to concentrate on more pressing tasks. Your staff is left feeling more productive and satisfied while your patients receive the best possible care.

The future of medical scribes is exciting and revolutionary. Gone are the days of medical scribe companies sending a new team member down to your practice. Instead, a virtual scribe can connect with you in just a few clicks of a mouse. And they can be located anywhere in the world. Hiring virtually has never been easier than it is today, so it’s time to get competitive and hire a virtual scribe now with

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