What Is A Virtual Medical Office?

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Technology has made a lot of medical advances possible. We can do things now that we couldn’t a few years ago. The Virtual Office is the thing of the future. We’re not talking robots and automation here, but a way to allow doctors to have more time for patient visits and provide the level of care their patients have come to expect.

The world is a busy place, much busier now that the current pandemic is easing up. People are anxious to get back to life as they knew it. Because of this, doctors are experiencing an influx of more patients, adding to their already over-extended workload. To keep up with the increased demand for medical care, doctors have been spreading themselves tooth in lately, risking burnout from stress. The good news is there is a solution to this problem. It is referred to as a Virtual Medical Office. A Virtual Medical Office gives doctors the support they need while easing the burdens of office staff to keep up with larger amounts of paperwork. How can a Virtual or Remote Worker solve your problems?

How Does a Virtual Medical Office Work?

A Virtual Medical Office is just like a traditional doctor’s office. However, a virtual medical office uses virtual assistants whose only requirements are a computer and an internet connection. It’s a simple approach that’s becoming very popular these days. Each Virtual Assistant has a range of skill sets that doctors can use in their office to increase productivity, boost morale, and increase customer satisfaction.

A Virtual Office does not mean getting rid of in-person staff. It is meant to be an extension of your office, helping your regular staff do their jobs better and lighten their workload. A virtual medical scribe can take notes during patient exams and do charting during the visit.  A Virtual Medical Receptionist can help with administrative office duties and answer patient questions.

Some of the main benefits of a virtual office include:

Cost savings and flexibility – Since you won’t be paying for taxes and expenses relating to hiring additional hourly staff, the money and time you save by using Virtual Assistants are invaluable. They can work any hours you need, and the cost is a fraction of what you would pay a regular team member.

They have their own office machines – Virtual Office Assistants have their own printers, scanners, and fax machines. You’ll never have to fix another paper jam again.

Virtual Assistants provide additional support. One of the biggest perks of a Virtual Office is that there is plenty of support for doctors and office staff.

Virtual Assistants can help with the following tasks:

 ●    Scheduling patients appointments

●    Arranging patient referrals

●    Data entry and EMR updates

●    Verifying insurance coverage

●    Appointment confirmations and reminders

●    Answering patient queries

Additional But Not-So-Obvious Benefits

Less money is spent on repairing office machines. Since every Virtual Assistant has their own office machines, there is no wear and tear put on printers, no repair calls, and no money spent on additional office supplies. You can skip all of these maintenance costs when you hire are mote worker.

Payroll costs are slashed. Many non-traditional office staff work for agencies like VA Care. They provide the payroll benefits, handle taxes, and medical insurance. All the costs that would be paid on a full or part-time team member are eliminated. A Virtual Assistant also doesn’t need a parking pass, lunch breaks, or a uniform saving more money for in-office needs.

Virtual Assistants help doctors lighten their workload and spend more time with patients. They handle many of the administrative duties that take time away from patient visits. Without the need to do paperwork immediately following the visit, doctors can ghetto the next patient sooner. Therefore, patients spend less time in the waiting room and more time with the doctor discussing the reason for their visit.

How often have you felt that your doctor was only half listening to you because he was so busy writing notes during your visit? He was trying to take down the information, so he wouldn’t forget when the visit ended. Virtual Medical Scribes offer doctors the ability to be more engaged with patients because they do all the note-taking and charting during the visit, not afterward. The doctor can give patients his full attention because he has been relieved of this duty.

Increased Productivity and Flexibility

Virtual Medical Office allows more flexibility because it can operate after hours and even on weekends. Many important tasks can be completed when the office is closed to allow for a better, more relaxed patient environment. Patients can get answers to questions, or prescription changes 24/7 with a Virtual Assistant taking care of things. No need for the additional cost of an answering service. 

Virtual Offices require no additional space or renovations. If you have always wanted to add additional services but couldn’t due to space, this may be an opportunity to do just that. This means more traffic to the business and more revenue in your pocket. You could do twice the work in half the time, boosting your productivity and increasing sales.

Your Virtual Assistant can make life easier for you in many ways. Tackling the tedious tasks, keeping up with phone calls and messages, and improving your speed of service are definite improvements that will help you stay competitive. A virtual medical office can save you money and increase productivity for your growing business, so why not welcome the opportunity and reap the benefits it offers.

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