An INCREASE in Virtual Medical Assistant FACILITIES

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Now a day’s doctors and nurses have so much to do, and all thanks to provides a platform and comes up with virtual medical assistants who provide better treatment to patients and reduce the office work of doctors.

With the surrey, we know that in today’s time healthcare sector is a growing area of interest for the integration of virtual assistants. In an effort to reduce the administrative burden of medical transcription and clinical documentation, researchers are developing AI-driven virtual assistants for the healthcare industry which helps in the increase of virtual medical assistance facilities.

Our research suggests that the majority of AI use cases and emerging applications for virtual medical assistants appear to fall into three main categories:

Medical Record Navigation: When businesses and medical professionals use machine learning and natural language processing to search, analyze and record clinical data in a patient’s electronic health record or EHR

Medical Transcription: When medical professionals use machine learning and natural language processing to transcribe clinical data recorded during patient visits.

Medical Information Search: When companies develop machine learning algorithms for chat-bots to deliver personalized responses to searches for medical information by consumers and healthcare professionals based on consumer or patient data. The AI Personal Medical Assistant app can respond to verbal or typed questions from consumers after the user sets up a secure health profile, according to the company

According to the company, when a clinician records a note with medical information using the Dragon Medical assistant iPhone application, the cloud-based virtual medical assistant captures the medical terminology spoken. The voice recognition assistant is designed to integrate into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems that clinicians already use and access via desktop, mobile or online. Voice recordings can be added as notes to a patient’s file.

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