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A veterinarian or simply called a vet is someone who gives animals medical treatment. These are the doctors for animals.

Vets fulfill all the necessary healthcare requirements of pets, laboratory animals, zoos, and other livestock. Some vets work on small animals like cats and dogs, while other vets work on large animals like cows, horses, etc. There are those vets who work on wild animals like lions, elephants, wolves, etc. Some vets open up clinics and practice in clinics and labs; some work in farms and forests for the welfare of these animals. We at try to provide these vets with all possible help.

To become a vet in the USA is not an easy task. These vets first have to go to college for three years, and only then can they apply for a veterinary school. These veterinary schools take up to 4years for the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. You have to pass a test (called the NAVLE or North American Veterinary Licensing Exam) before you can practice as a veterinarian in the USA.

A vet has to perform numerous extensive tasks, including – performing surgery on animals, diagnosing any health problems in animals, treating and dressing their wounds, operating equipment like X-Ray machines, vaccinating animals, prescribing medicines to them, and advising animal owners about the general care of their pets, their medical conditions, and treatments.

‍Around 120,000 veterinarians practice in the USA, demonstrating the importance of their work and the demand for their services. This type of work demands keen focus and patience in their work. The main obstacle standing in their way is the amount of administrative work they face daily. The present scenario of the pandemic has only added to the workload of these vets as all the pet owners want a routine and thorough checkup of their pets, in fear of them getting positive of Covid-19.

Thankfully, due to the technological advancement added with the aid provided by, these veterinarians have all the help they might possibly require. We at provide these hardworking vets with the facility of Virtual Vet Tech. Virtual Vet Tech to these vets is like Virtual Medical Assistants to Doctors, and with their help, promises to make your experience all the better.

Virtual Vet Techs are professionally trained and vetted by All they require is an internet connection and a PC to connect with your business.

Generally, a vet puts in around 45 – 60 hours per week, of which the majority chunk of their time is consumed with the huge piles of paperwork and other administrative work. This is where the provided Virtual Vet Tech comes as a blessing. A Virtual Vet Tech takes care of these less pressing matters, such as completing and filing paperwork. It not only allows the veterinarian to concentrate their attention on more critical veterinary tasks, but it also reduces stress levels and fatigue.

Another advantage of these Virtual Vet Techs is that you don’t need them all time of the day. They work the hours according to their need and requirement. By outsourcing excess administrative loads to the Virtual Vet Techs, you benefit from enhanced productivity and reduced labor costs. So, believes that if you need help for just a couple of hours, these Virtual Vet Techs will make sure the work is done and on time. With the vets working round the clock, if you ever require aid with someone who can put inflexible hours, has got you covered. also provides highly flexible Virtual Vet Techs ready and willing to work the hours you dictate.

‍The vets don’t have to worry a bit about the capital required by these Virtual Vet Techs to use their own desks, computers, machines, and other types of equipment for which the vet would have had to pay/charge for an in-house employee. It allows for a streamlined environment and one which facilitates more straightforward navigation and productivity.

Small margins in quality can make huge differences when it comes to business. aims just for that. The addition of a Virtual Vet Tech to your veterinary practice will boost your organization beyond all recognition. Appointments are a vital part of any practice, but scheduling these can be a logistical nightmare. However, hiring a Virtual Vet Tech allows you to assign complex administration duties to a dedicated individual. aims to provide doctors and vets with services that help ease their load in work and finance. Since the vet cuts down on all these capital expenditures, massive saving starts appearing. A typical in-house employee will cost roughly 1.25 – 1.4 times the annual salary value due to taxes, sick pay, and health insurance. But with these Virtual Vet Tech, this is no such requirement.

‍ is aware of the demand for virtual vet techs, and we also understand that they need to be the best of the best. Thus, is always willing to provide the best facilities to make sure that the doctors and vets can be more focused and diligent towards their patients and their work

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