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Why Choose a Remote Medical Scribe?

The world is not the same as a lot is happening with the pandemic hitting everyone. Covid-19 has just accelerated things to a whole different level. Things are changing whether we like it or not. But as they say, the show must go on, especially for the doctors. understands these frontline workers take every day to make sure that we stay safe. For this very reason, we at are ready to help our doctors, and what better way to help the doctors by providing them with the aid of Virtual Medical Scribe. is all set to make you understand why choose these remote medical scribes.

Traditionally, medical scribes have been in-house assistants who provide a physical presence in the doctor’s exam room. They have been proven to be a tremendous success, with doctors receiving a whole host of benefits and patients due to the enhanced care their doctors can now provide.

The conventional job of an in-house medical scribe usually includes- retrieving the patient’s notes, charting the patient’s visit, generating referral letters when consultations with specialty physicians for further diagnosis and treatment, planning appointments, making travel arrangements, etc.

But here at, we provide the facility of Virtual Medical Scribes. A Virtual/Remote medical scribe is someone who doesn’t need to be physically located in the doctor’s exam room or restricted to a purely auditory presence. Instead, using an iPad and HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing software, we provide a virtual medical scribe from our vast pool of trained, vetted, and screened virtual assistants.

However, you may be wondering what exactly it is that makes our remote scribes stand out. Packed full of unique benefits, virtual scribes can prove the difference between excellent care and world-class care.

Remote medical scribes provided by come with a whole host of benefits, providing why you should choose a remote medical scribe over an in-house scribe. There are several financial benefits to using virtual scribes. The most immediate bonus comes in a reduced wage bill each month – the holy grail of financial management for any organization.

These remote medical scribes come with technically no overheads attached compared to those scribes who require space, no real estate tensions, equipment, and amenities, making a real difference to the accounts every month. These savings provide the doctors with the opportunity to invest more into improving their practice. sent remote medical scribes are real-time savers. With a remote medical scribe provided by, the doctors can finally concentrate on management, publishing, and, more importantly, seeing more patients.

An added benefit of these remote scribes is lessened workload on your in-house staff, allowing your staff/team to be freed up to concentrate on income generation in the form of ancillary testing and procedures. It, in turn, can lead to increased wages and bonuses for your staff which can boost morale and maximize the level of customer service being delivered. Sometimes, many patients find it stressful and intrusive when someone else is also present in the room when the doctor is diagnosing them or when the patients are discussing their problems with them, owing to the doctor-patient confidentiality. However, a remote scribe nullifies this anxiety as patients find them less intrusive, and they help maintain that age-old feeling of privacy in the doctor’s office.

Usually, with many doctors traveling around for conferences and meetings, having a remote medical scribe saves money and makes it easier for the doctors to keep a note of everything without any hassles. As long as there’s an iPad and an internet connection on hand, remote scribes can carry out their duties no matter where the doctor is working. We at make sure that you get all possible help needed.

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