Top Skilled Virtual Assistant Healthcare Companies: Vs. Neolytix

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The purpose of hiring a medical virtual assistant is to make life easy for the physician. A medical virtual assistant (VA) is responsible for performing a range of duties such as scheduling appointments, maintaining a database of records, collecting information for patient health assessments, contacting insurance companies on behalf of patients, and other administrative duties.

Skilled VAs for healthcare can also help you with medical documentation in the EHR/EMR. Thus, a physician needs a virtual medical assistant by their side to deliver the best patient care. The only question left is how to find a good skilled VA for your clinic, hospital, or healthcare facility.

Virtual Assistant Healthcare

In this post, we will be comparing two of the top virtual assistant healthcare companies, and Neolytix, that provide skilled medical VAs for healthcare facilities. The biggest advantage of working with an independent contractor is you do not have to worry about payroll management, W-2 forms, insurance, employee benefits, and HR responsibilities. Have a look at this comparison guide and make an informed decision. is among the leading virtual assistant providers for healthcare. The company is founded by industry leaders and pioneers in the VAsector. The company provides virtual medical scribes, virtual medical assistants, and virtual medical receptionists for all kinds of medical specialties and EMRs such as private practice to larger medical groups. You can find highly qualified and skilled VAs for dentists, veterinarians, surgeons, and other healthcare practitioners.

The company is trusted by both small and medium-sized healthcare facilities and large hospitals. Top clients of include Seacliff Medical, LensCrafters, and Physical Therapy. You can hire a medical VA from to save time, save money, and get high-quality virtual medical assistant services.


Neolytix is a leading management service organization for small and medium-sized business owners. It provides a range of non-clinical management support services. The company provides you with medical billing services, medical virtual assistant services, virtual front office support, medical credentialing, medical digital marketing services, healthcare recruiting, payroll management, and more.

The company provides non-clinical management support services for private practices nationwide. You can partner with Neolytix to build a team of virtual medical assistants for your healthcare facility.  

Comparison: Vs. Neolytix

1. Plans has three weekly plans as per the following:

VA Lite

VA Essential

VA Scribe

VA Lite

$280 Per Week, 40 Hours a Week

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Gathering patient information
  • Patient follow-up
  • Updating patient files
  • Appointment reminders
  • Virtual assisting

VA Essential

$330 Per Week, 40 hours a week

  • Everything from VA Lite Plus
  • Provide patients with additional information
  • Contact insurance companies on behalf of patients
  • Follow up on insurance claims and appeals
  • Verifying insurance information provided by patients
  • Receive and forward emails
  • Virtual receptionist

VA Scribe

$350 Per Week, 40 hours a week

  • Everything from VA Essential
  • White glove setup
  • Virtual scribing
  • Zoom or Microsoft Teams Video integrated
  • Available for overtime
  • Instant Messaging and Internal Phone systems integrated

Virtual Assistant Healthcare also offers customized solutions.


Neolytix has a wide range of plans to choose from. The company has not provided the exact details of the pricing and plans on the website but they are primarily divided into three categories:

Virtual assistant service

Medical billing services

Website design for medical practices

You can get more information by submitting an online form. 

2. Agents

All the medical VAs are based out of the Philippines. They are subjected to a strict application and interview process. They are specially vetted for their ability to work in a remote medical environment. The company carries out background checks on each of them and certifies them all in HIPAA training. All the agents work from the office for security reasons.


The company has agents working primarily from three locations: USA, India, and the Philippines. All the agents go through a standard hiring process. Agents work from both office and remote locations.       

3. Compliance

All the agents are in compliance with the HIPAA and Data Privacy Act of 2012. Data Privacy Act of 2012, just like HIPAA here in the US. This law ensures that all sensitive data is protected by their law and the consequences of breaching them are severe. All the agents have HIPAA certificates of training.


All the agents are in compliance with HIPAA. The company goes through periodic assessments and a set of policies & procedures to ensure HIPAA compliance.

4. Support

You get excellent customer support service. You can contact the company via Live Chat or directly call. The company allocates campaign managers and QA managers to monitor the VA in the office to ensure that everything is handled with care. The company tracks and monitors all VAs with online time-tracking software. You only pay for the time a virtual assistant for healthcare works for you. You can reach your campaign manager anytime if you have issues related to your virtual medical assistant.


You get exceptional support services. You can reach support any time you face any issue with your assistant. A dedicated Quality Auditor performs audits on work from time to time. To minimize future disruptions, the company provides a Backup VA; included Free with most plans. You also get Analytics & Dashboards to track KPIs and improve the patient experience.

5. Contracts

There are no long-term contracts. You can end your contract anytime before the next billing cycle. stands for customer satisfaction. The pricing clock doesn’t start until the agent is fully ready.  


There are no long-term contracts. You can get out whenever you want and have the freedom to swap VAs on demand.

The Verdict

Both companies are leaders in the healthcare industry for medical virtual assistant services, but there are some key differences. Neolytix is focused on a wide range of non-clinical services whereas is focused on a narrow range of medical assistant services.

If you are looking for complete non-clinical management support including medical billing, medical virtual assistant, and medical digital marketing, you can opt for Neolytix. On the other hand, if you are looking for a focused and affordable medical virtual assistant, medical scribe, and medical administrative assistant services, you can choose

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