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Medical Answering Service to Streamline Your Practice

At VA Care, we provide customized medical answering services to manage all administrative communication for your practice. With our HIPAA-compliant call center, you can focus on delivering excellent patient care while we handle the heavy lifting.
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Why Medical Practices Use Answering Services

Medical practices use after-hours answering services for the following key reasons:
High Volume

Managing High Call Volumes

Constantly ringing phones can inundate in-house staff. Answering services allow practices to efficiently handle call spikes and overflow irrespective of volume without patients encountering busy signals or frustrating hold times. This prevents urgent inquiries from falling through the cracks.

24/7 Availability

Patients have questions at all hours outside regular clinic timings. A round-the-clock answering service ensures patients can reach a live representative anytime to book last-minute appointments, report emergencies, or even ask for medical advice without waiting until the next business day.
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Medical Urgancy

Enables Triaging Call Urgency

Trained call agents can accurately assess situations and differentiate between emergency and routine calls. Highly urgent issues get immediate attention, while non-critical appointments and prescription refills may wait until office hours. This allows optimal resource allocation within the practice.
Staff From Burnout

Protects Staff from Burnout

Having reliable after-hours support allows healthcare personnel to unplug outside regular hours fully, avoiding stress and fatigue caused by being on call around the clock. This safeguards work-life balance.
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Effectivly Solution

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring weekend or overnight staff to provide 24/7 coverage can be very expensive regarding salaries, benefits, training costs, and high attrition. Leveraging an answering service provides huge cost savings while enabling anytime availability.

As evident, medical answering services deliver multifaceted value and effectiveness for healthcare clinics of any scale or specialty. Large hospitals and small private practices alike can benefit tremendously from partnering with a professional medical answering provider.
Quality Service

Features of a Quality Service

As you evaluate prospective answering services, ensure that the provider meets the following hallmarks of quality service:
  • Rigorously Vetted Call Agents
  • Guaranteed HIPAA Compliance
  • Emergency Escalation Workflows
  • Seamless CRM Integration
  • Customization to Specialty Niche
  • Skill-based Call Routing
To ensure call quality, look for services that invest substantially in agent screening, skills assessment, and ongoing performance management. Well-qualified agents like VA Care have medical terminology competence, polished telephone etiquette, multitasking capabilities, and efficiency in call handling. Such agents integrate seamlessly into client environments and handle patient calls with care and precision.
Healthcare communications involve sensitive, protected health information (PHI), making data privacy and security non-negotiable. The answering service should have ironclad protocols covering endpoint encryption, role-based data access control, multi-factor system authentication, and consent requirements for disclosing PHI. HIPAA compliance training should be mandated for agents. Ask potential vendors to furnish third-party audits certifying their adherence.
While assessing call urgency, the service’s agents should have the qualifications and clinical oversight to recognize potentially life-threatening situations. Clear emergency escalation workflows need to be instituted - such as directly contacting 911 services or immediately patching the call to the physician on duty. Failing to respond swiftly can severely impact health outcomes.
The answering platform should seamlessly integrate with healthcare providers’ existing clinic management solutions and EHR systems using standards-based APIs. This enables reliable hand-off of relevant caller context to practice staff and imports necessary patient data into the answering console for quick access during calls.
Mental health centers, rehabilitation clinics, and home healthcare services have unique coordination needs. For example, appointment reminders for substance abuse programs require anonymity. The service should offer the flexibility to customize clinical intake protocols, caller ID masking configurations, personalized scripting, and targeted data capture forms that align to the specifics of the healthcare specialty.
Sophisticated answering platforms have skills-based routing, assigning calls to agents proficient in niche focus areas. For instance, calls about insurance eligibility verification can be handled by dedicated staff well-versed in payer policies. This promotes first-call resolution and shorter handling times through specialization.

Service Options and Add-Ons

While VA Care’s service providers for healthcare clinics cover core capabilities like call answering, appointment reminders, and emergency dispatch, many differentiate themselves by offering value-added services and sophisticated capabilities such as:

Automated Appointment Reminders

Voicemail, SMS or email reminders informing patients about upcoming appointments ensure they don’t miss allotted slots. Services allow customizing reminder rules and frequency based on preferences.

Prescription Assistance

Receptionists can help patients with medication requests, refill approvals, pharmacy callback setups for prescription clarifications, and claim rejections for more responsive care.

Language Interpretation

For medical facilities serving foreign language speakers, the service can connect professional translators in real time to facilitate communication. This promotes health literacy.

Discharge Call Center

Post-discharge calls to patients provide checklist-based tracking of medication adherence, wound healing, nutrition planning, or therapy progress. Agents log subject feedback into the healthcare provider’s EMR.

Survey follow-ups

The service can conduct automated or manual check-in calls post-procedure or examination to capture patient NPS scores and feedback.

Staff Augmentation

Live agents familiar with practice systems work remotely to handle overflow administrative tasks like prescription entry, visit summary documentation and billing charge capture during peak periods.

Analytics Dashboard

A business intelligence layer provides metrics on call volume trends, inquiry types by department, patient demographics, referring physician patterns, common queries, and more for data-driven decisions to optimize patient experience.

Beyond answering calls, these value-added capabilities provide opportunities for deeper patient engagement while enhancing outcomes through seamless interoperability capabilities.
Steps for Selecting Service

Steps for Selecting a Service

Follow these best practices when evaluating answering services for your medical organization:

Clearly Identify Needs

Document your objectives, expectations, must-have priorities, and nice-to-have wishlist when seeking an answering service.

Outline pain points experienced by your patients and staff, along with corresponding service opportunities.

Request Proposals

Invite RFP responses from niche healthcare answering service firms and enterprise-grade virtual receptionist providers.

Assess their healthcare pedigree from websites and proposals. Shortlist vendors best aligned to your specifications.

Verify Compliance & Security

Thoroughly evaluate shortlisted vendors for adherence to healthcare regulatory and data security protocols like HIPAA

and HITRUST CSF certifications, credentials accreditations, and third-party compliance attestations.

Schedule Service Demonstrations

During vendor demos with shortlisted firms, assess call quality, screen navigation workflows, and ease of integration of the solution

within your existing IT environment. Check for necessary workflow enhancements and specialty customizations relevant to your practice.

Compare Pricing Models

While niche healthcare answering players may offer attractive monthly packages, enterprise virtual receptionist vendors provide

greater price transparency with per-minute billing. They are able to adapt flexibly alongside organizational growth. Assess TCO implications under both models.

Check Client References

Validate vendor reputation and reliability by speaking with current medical clients about service levels, call quality consistency,

platform uptime, the extent of workflow customizations provided, and quantifiable benefits realized since onboarding their service.

Start with the Pilot Phase

Before completely transitioning call management responsibilities, roll out the service provider to one department or specialist team.

Use the pilot phase to fine-tune configurations while building confidence before expanding to all providers practice-wide.
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If you made it this far, you know the immense value a specialized medical answering service can provide to healthcare organizations.

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