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5 Ways A Virtual Administrative Assistant Can Help You Boost Your Productivity

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Whether you are a business owner or manager, you must have noticed that you often become tired of managing a lot of tasks. This is where the role of a virtual administrative assistant comes into the picture who can help you boost your productivity. It is particularly important in the days to come as 36.5 million Americans plan to work remotely by 2025. So NOW is the right time to take the help of virtual administrative assistants in making your life easier and your tasks more manageable. It is all about embracing positive changes. If you do not consider them you will lag far behind and your business management will become a very difficult task. 

If you are still confused about whether or not you should consider hiring a virtual administrative assistant, read on. We have come up with the 5 ways virtual assistants can help boost your productivity. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is a virtual administrative assistant?

Virtual assistants, sometimes known as VAs, are assistants that operate remotely using equipment that has an internet connection. VAs are often independent contractors that bill by the hour for their services. There are a few exceptions to this, though.

You decide how many hours you need a virtual assistant for, even though some charge more per hour than an employee would. In addition, you are not obligated to provide them with benefits or liability insurance as you would for an employee. You will immediately save money while still being able to finish the necessary tasks thanks to this.

Moreover, some VAs focus on specific services. For instance, virtual marketing assistants may provide services related to digital marketing, such as social media marketing and SEO. Therefore, if you require a specialized VA, be sure to check their credentials in advance.

Whatever services they provide, virtual assistants (VAs) can significantly increase your and your company’s productivity. Here are a few examples of how.

  1. VAs Make Things More Manageable

    Keeping things organized is essential for any company. That order, however, may be lost as companies expand into digital spaces. Companies may be used to maintaining order in their physical locations but may lack the expertise, time, or money to do the same in their virtual ones.

    Because of the chaos, productivity drops significantly. It’s possible for these losses to snowball across your organization.

    Good thing a virtual assistant (VA) can help with company organization and boost output right now. All administrative professionals should be organized, even though virtual assistants offer a variety of services. Having a virtual assistant help you arrange your online spaces might be quite helpful.

  2. VAs Help in Lessening the Burden

    Owners of businesses tend to be the busiest employees. They have a wide range of responsibilities that need their whole attention.

    • Staff management
    • Keeping books or accounts
    • Planning Ads for Marketing and Sales
    • Several forms of licencing


    There might be hundreds more positions available as well, depending on the firm. This is because most small firms lack the capital to pay for dedicated marketing staff, specialized accounting services, and similar luxury items.

    However, many VAs offer niche services that can help lighten your load. Numerous virtual assistants focus on either general administration or digital advertising. The best part is that they cost far less than hiring permanent staff.

  3. VAs Help in Lessening the Burden

    Bringing on a new assistant is no easy task; it requires posting the position, interviewing candidates, verifying their credentials, checking their references, and more. However, because they are not employees, hiring freelancers is much easier.

    Before hiring a virtual assistant, make sure they have the skills you need. Therefore, you’ll be able to lighten your load. Ask about their background in scheduling, marketing, and other related fields.

    If you go through the right channels, you may hire verified freelancers. For instance, FreeUp’s platform carefully vets independent contractors before allowing them to apply for jobs. This ensures that you’ll be picking from a pool of employees who have the education, qualifications, and experience necessary to do the job.

    Even if they find out about available opportunities, they still have to apply and convince someone on our team that they’re qualified. In this way, you can narrow down the pool of potential candidates for each open post before they ever submit their applications.

    The selection process might consist of nothing more than an interview with the candidate and a review of their work samples. If you find the right person, you may start working with them the very next day!

    Also, from the get-go, no one will be able to hide from your job posting. Freelancers will apply knowing what you’re looking to pay and provide a more accurate price within that range. A member of the team can fill you in on the details.

  4. VAs Save time

    Time is a valuable commodity, which is why business owners hire helpers. You may find that you have more time to devote to the core functions of your business, such as networking with influential clients and formulating strategic plans for growth.

    You may delegate some of these tasks to a virtual assistant (VA) instead of doing them yourself, and the VA will likely complete them more rapidly than an employee would. They have many customer accounts to tend to on top of their normal work.

    As a result, many independent contractors deliver excellent results. There may be reduced downtime and quicker turnarounds as a result of this.

  5. VAs are fast with better response & availability

    The paperwork, responsibility, and costs associated with a full-time employee are substantial for the business owner or management team. Working with a virtual administrative assistant, on the other hand, is simple: you describe what you need done, they do it, and you pay them. 

    Inspired yet? 

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