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Everything is going digital now with the changing world, mainly due to this pandemic. The Virtual Medical Assistant is no exception to it. Unfortunately, the doctors have been facing the problem of managing a Virtual Medical Assistant, but has finally come up with a solution to this angst faced by the doctors. is one of the first companies in the USA to provide this type of facility to the doctors, given these frontline workers’ current workload and conditions. consults with the doctors to find out what services are needed and helps them choose a price plan. At, we help give a clearer idea of what the doctors might require and accordingly send them profiles of different Virtual Assistants that may meet the doctors’ requirements. Once the doctors have made their selection, all they have to do is begin assigning them tasks. It is that easy.

A Virtual Assistant is simply an extension of the doctor’s clinic, and they work the same as anyone else, so managing them is relatively easy. They help ease down the office work of the doctor and the staff by looking into the basic and mundane elements of the workplace so that the doctor and the other staff can focus on the larger picture of the patient and the paperwork.

The most frequent question asked by these doctors at is fear that managing these Virtual Medical Assistants might become dire straits since these assistants might be miles away from the clinic. provides a straightforward answer for this. Tools like sending them notes, reminders, or even having face-to-face virtual conversations (video calls) with them helps. also lays out the solution to the problem of keeping the Virtual Medical Assistant organized. Organizing the Virtual Assistants can be made easy by using time-blocking techniques, where they work in 25-minute increments with a 5-minute break to keep their work on track. At, we also suggest providing the Virtual Assistants with the knowledge of the priority of the work so that it can help them prioritize time-sensitive work first. It will help them keep their work organized and cohesive.

Another luxury provided at is that the Virtual Medical Assistants supplied by our company is that there is no point in keeping track of their time because you are charged a flat fee. The pricing plan is determined by how often you need your Virtual Assistant. For example, if the doctor requires only a few hours a week for short-listed tasks only, the doctor can go for the basic option available at We at keep in mind all the essential things such as training, time-tracking, taxes, and so on while hiring. It makes the business easy for the doctors and helps them focus on their patients.

At, we connect Virtual Medical Assistant to the doctor’s phone system through their VOIP software, and the incoming calls are automatically routed. When making calls to patients to confirm appointments, they use this line and local area codes of the USA for other business-related tasks. Since all administrative tasks are recorded in the EMR system, so everything is in one place and done in real-time. Even though the Virtual Medical Assistants are not physically present in the clinic, they are connected to the phone system and all billing, invoicing, and management systems for completing assignments and communicating with the doctors. It will be just like having someone working in the next room. It helps ease down the whole day’s functioning and makes the experience hassle-free for the doctors.

What’s interesting about the whole experience of the Virtual Medical Assistant provided by is that the doctor is not limited to just one Virtual Medical Assistant. He can hire as many as he can think he requires to run his clinic and administrative work smoothly. also provides a wide array of Virtual Medical offices apart from Virtual Medical Assistants, including Virtual Medical Receptionists, Virtual Dental Assistants, Virtual Veterinary Assistants, and Virtual Scribes.

The myth that managing workers stationed at far-off places is exactly what it is – a Myth(especially society in today’s time). At, we aim to make the doctors’ task more accessible by providing these Virtual Assistants, who are already professionally trained in their work. With the advantage of technology, managing them, organizing them, and communicating with them has also become easy.

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